Christmas Gifts For Him

Christmas Gifts For Him From Lee Michaels

This time of year, people often come through our doors with a list of people to buy for and a serious of question marks after each name. When it comes to finding gifts for the men who have everything, the key is remembering what they love to do, what they tend to wear, and what the gift would mean to them.

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Give the Gift of Exquisite Taste with the Harmony Collection from Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry

For every momentous occasion in life, there arises the need for a gift that serves to embody the meaning and significance of such a milestone. This gift, while material in existence, is imparted with the memory of the moment and all of the emotion involved upon its receipt, and serves to carry that feeling until the end of time. As such, the selection of this gift is no small task, and should be placed carefully in the hands of experienced professionals that have dedicated lifetimes to the pursuit of perfection in this end. Since 1978, the professionals at Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry have proudly assisted in finding the perfect piece to help make the occasion special.

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Holiday Shopping For Your Loved Ones Made Easy at Lee Michaels

The holiday season is the perfect time to buy a thoughtful gift for your special someone, and our team here at Lee Michaels can absolutely help you find presents for all of the people on your list who have been extra good this year. We’ve got necklaces, rings, earrings and much more. These hand-made pieces are crafted out of some of the finest materials on the planet, and we also carry collections by some of the most distinguished designers in the world, such as our Kokichi Mikimoto collection. This collection is all about utilizing the natural beauty of cultured pearls and using them alongside other fine gems and materials to craft a remarkable piece of jewelry. Holiday Shopping for your loved ones can be a breeze if you put your trust in the hands of our staff here at Lee Michaels.

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Wedding Accessories with Lee Michaels

The Lee Michaels Guide To Wedding Jewelry

Finding the perfect dress is a lot like finding the perfect mate. The right one should complement your personality, bring out your favorite features, support you when (and if) needed, and give you plenty of room to be yourself. That being said, a wedding dress is still a dress; while your gown will make you stand out as the bride, it is your wedding jewelry that will make you stand out as yourself.

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Gift Guide for Her

Fine Jewelry And Football: A Man’s Guide To Gifts For Her

About this time every year, the wisest of our gender–men who know the importance of a really solid gift for our ladies during the holidays–firmly commit to not be among the frantic and harried shoppers just days (or worse, hours) away from Christmas morning.

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Hints For Picking Out The Perfect Engagement Ring

She Dropped The Hints. Now Take These Steps.

“Will you marry me?”

It’s the sort of question you should already know the answer to, but still get a little nervous thinking about. Rather than focus on “what if she says no,” turn your attention to making sure both she (and you) are ready to make the big step in your relationship. If all signs point to yes, then chances are, her answer will be, too. Here are three tips to get you started with those hints she’s been dropping. Of course, the actual act of proposing can be one of the most beautiful—and stressful—moments to plan. While you take care of the personal details, we’re happy to help you pick out the perfect engagement ring.

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David Yurman Jewelry at Lee Michaels

Find Beautiful David Yurman Jewelry in Shreveport

Renowned jewelry sculptor David Yurman has been dazzling those in the market for fine jewelry since 1980. David Yurman has managed to set a high precedent in jewelry with his unique styling and expert craftsmanship on all of his stunning pieces. David Yurman uses only the finest precious metals, materials, and gems to construct each and every masterpiece.

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Lee Michaels Custom Jewelry

Custom Jewelry: Turning Something Old Into Something New

At Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry, we strongly believe that jewelry is meant to be worn. If you have or find pieces that you haven’t touched in years or come into family heirlooms that have no practical or personal place in your life, renew their glory by transforming them into custom pieces you can’t wait to wear.

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David Yurman- Stylish Jewelry for Men and Women

History was made in 1980 when David Yurman created his first signature piece, the cable bracelet featuring the iconic twisted helix design and gemstones on each end cap. He may not have been aware at the time, but David Yurman started a legacy that continues today with the creation of his signature cable bracelet. David Yurman has since expanded his horizons, now showcasing a wide variety of men and women’s jewelry and accessories.

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The Rolex Watch: A History of Innovation

Rolex stands at the pinnacle of delivering luxurious wristwatches, and for good reason. London watchmakers first began crafting Rolex watches in 1905, and it has pushed the boundaries of its industry ever since. In 1926, Rolex introduced the first waterproof watch, including a hermetically sealed case that redefined durability in timepieces. In 1931, Rolex further changed the industry by introducing the first self-winding mechanism.

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