David Yurman Jewelry at Lee Michaels

Find Beautiful David Yurman Jewelry in Shreveport

Renowned jewelry sculptor David Yurman has been dazzling those in the market for fine jewelry since 1980. David Yurman has managed to set a high precedent in jewelry with his unique styling and expert craftsmanship on all of his stunning pieces. David Yurman uses only the finest precious metals, materials, and gems to construct each and every masterpiece.

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David Yurman- Stylish Jewelry for Men and Women

History was made in 1980 when David Yurman created his first signature piece, the cable bracelet featuring the iconic twisted helix design and gemstones on each end cap. He may not have been aware at the time, but David Yurman started a legacy that continues today with the creation of his signature cable bracelet. David Yurman has since expanded his horizons, now showcasing a wide variety of men and women’s jewelry and accessories.

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