Lee Michaels Mother's Day Gifts

The Mother’s Day Gift That Goes With Everything

If you’re reading this blog, it’s because you’re frantically searching for “no-fail Mother’s Day gifts” or “best Mother’s Day gifts” or “last-minute Mother’s Day gifts.” Chances are higher that you are the partner-in-crime in this scenario, the Dad in the duo, and you are trying to come up with something special that reflects not just what she means to you, but also what she’s meant to your life and every life she’s helped create.

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David Yurman at Lee Michaels

Lee Michaels Offers a Variety David Yurman Pieces in Jackson, MS

David Yurman’s creation of fine jewelry began in 1980 when he introduced his signature piece – the cable bracelet with a twisted helix design, beautified with gemstones on its end caps. This design went on to become one of his most prominent collections, and was categorized as his “Renaissance” piece. Since then, David Yurman has gone on to create uniquely stunning pieces of jewelry for men and women alike by incorporating gemstones, signature cable detailing, innovative materials, and precious metals.

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