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The quality of a designer’s jewelry creates an impression about them and their work, and it takes an immense amount of time and creativity to create a piece, especially one that can stand the test of time. Designer David Yurman has been doing just this for years, coming up with innovative ideas to make a lasting impact on the fashion world since his debut in 1980. He excels at creating varying collections that represent different ideals and fashion senses that people wish to portray. Some of the signature styles such as the iconic cable bracelets and the Crossover collection show the diversity of the David Yurman creative portfolio. In San Antonio, you can discover and see David Yurman’s collections first hand at one of our Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry stores.

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The collection of David Yurman Jewelry in San Antonio at Lee Michaels sets the bar for all the fine jewelry in the area. People trust us when they are looking for David Yurman pieces because we provide service that delivers an Extraordinary Experience based on our strong core values. Our team realizes that any piece of jewelry we sell is a reflection of the Lee Michaels name, and no piece of jewelry will be pushed upon a customer to make a physical sale that could lead to poor feelings down the road. To attain great product lines in San Antonio, such David Yurman, our team has fostered an environment that is catered to the sophistication of our clientele, and we provide superior value and service to each and every customer. At Lee Michaels, we want to show that we are much more than a business; we are trusted and knowledgeable local friends that can help you with any of your jewelry questions or needs.

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The perfect customer service that Lee Michaels offers has not been created by mistake. Being a family owned business our company has always been intent on providing service that will be remembered. The Berg family has put in the time and work to find the locations with the finest gems and metals to create the fine jewelry that is offered. Every person that walks into our doors at any Lee Michaels locations is met with the same goal in mind; to provide an “Extraordinary Experience.” Every interaction that occurs inside the store is part of forming a trusting and lasting friendship that leads to mutual satisfaction. Part of the satisfaction of a jewelry store is that the fine pieces available are known and trusted to be of high quality. This can be reassured due to the aspect that each member of our consultant team has been educated at the esteemed Gemological Institute of America and impressively holds an Accredited Jewelry Professional Certification. Enjoy the “Extraordinary Experience” of Lee Michaels collection of David Yurman Jewelry in San Antonio.