Louisiana Jeweler

Why We Love Louisiana (And These State And Collegiate Designs)

Whether it is a state or state of mind, Louisiana means different things to different people, always evoking a strong sense of connection and sentimentality.

People often turn to jewelry to capture what they can of our beautiful bayou, and there are only a handful of us jewelers in Louisiana who have the selection and sophistication of today’s modern and classic designs.

Maybe you are looking for a Louisiana charm bracelet that links all of your favorite memories or something with fleur de lis flair. Maybe a bold New Orleans printed cuff is more your style. Maybe you’re not sure what you are looking for, just that you’d love to be able to carry a little Louisiana with you all the time.

We know the feeling.

Lee Michaels is one of the few jewelers in Louisiana that proudly weaves our birthplace nostalgia with an everywhere style. We’ve done our best to capture the essence of what it means to live, work, learn, and love in this beautiful state.

There is, after all, so much to love about Louisiana.

  • New Orleans Saint Charles street cars are the nation’s only mobile national monuments, allowing visitors and residents alike to literally travel back in time.
  • We know a thing or two about building bridges, whether we are talking about joining vibrant and colorful cultural elements from around the world or the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway, which is the largest continuous bridge over water in the world.
  • Crawfish boils. And beignets. And po’ boys, gumbo, fresh boudin…
  • We can’t wait for football season and to support our many in-state colleges like LSU and Southern University.
  • When it gets hot, we’re just getting warmed up. We love our annual festivals and our seasonal wilderness, our quiet mornings and our spicy nights, our tourist traps and our secret local hideouts.

With today’s designers, metals, and gemstones, you don’t have to wear your love of Louisiana on your sleeve. You can wrap it around your finger, slip it on your wrist, or keep that pendant necklace close to your heart. Our Louisiana jewelry will remind you where you felt most at home, and keep you coming back to visit. Or to stay.

If you’re looking for that one-of-a-kind local jeweler, look no further than Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry.