Bridal Jewelry For First Dance

Bringing Tradition To Your Wedding Day

Something old,
Something new,
Something borrowed,
Something blue,
And a silver sixpence in her shoe.

The original rhyme, which was referred to as “an ancient custom” when it was first versed in print in 1871, gets its noted roots from Lancashire, England, although there’s no reference to its actual origins. It’s been chanted the world over to thousands of blushing brides as they prepare for their wedding day, becoming almost as ceremonial as the wedding itself.

This age-old wedding tradition happens to be one of our favorites at Lee Michaels, particularly because it weaves family roots, vintage charm, a sense of true belonging, and beauty into the day’s magic and celebration. For decades, we’ve helped brides, their friends, and their families gather these items, and we would like to share what we’ve learned to make this enjoyable tradition as memorable as possible for the special day.

Something Old

From Grandmother’s broach to a vintage-inspired piece, your “something old” should have a timeless significance, even if it’s relatively new. It can a piece worn by every woman in the family on her wedding day, like a pearl necklace or an antique headpiece. It can also be a custom-crafted piece made from the metals of jewelry from different sides of the family or a locket that holds a significant memory.

We had a family once use a gold bracelet with the initials of every bride who ever wore it, and we were happy to add the latest engraving. Creativity is a beautiful thing!

Something New

This one, of course, is easy. The “something new” is typically the engagement ring, the wedding band, or some other pretty wedding gift, like a dress watch.

Something Borrowed

If you happen to have more than one “something old”, you can repurpose it for “something borrowed”—just make sure it’s not something you want to keep. Many brides use something from their mother’s jewelry box, but this is also a great time to incorporate something from your dad. Use your imagination, and it won’t fail you.

Something Blue

When it comes to blue, you can never go wrong with these Sapphire & Diamond studs. They’ll catch the eye of everyone as you walk down the aisle, and everyone will know exactly why. For something a little more subtle, we love this sweet Mikimoto Akoya Pearl & Sapphire Necklace, which will look just as lovely with your wedding dress as it will a slouchy t-shirt and jeans on your honeymoon.

If you want the good luck charm of your wedding to last every day of your marriage, there’s also this Sapphire & Diamond Wedding Band with brilliant diamonds and blue sapphires in a never-ending circle. Just like your love.

Of course, these are just our ideas, and we’d love to hear yours! How did you incorporate this poem into your bridal trousseau?


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Kirk Kara designs have been influenced by love, loss, personal history, and global significance, culminating in designs that are timelessly beautiful. Kirk Kara designs remind us that life is in the details; you won’t find a designer more meticulous in fusing vintage style with storied elements and iconic craftsmanship. You’ll find something new and beautiful every time you look at a Kirk Kara ring, a reminder that life, love, and happy endings are always possible if you hold them in the right light.