Custom Engagement Rings at Lee Michaels in New Orleans

An engagement ring might be the most symbolic material possession you will ever come across in your life. To have one that is individual to your special someone is a very exciting thing. At Lee Michaels, you can make a custom engagement ring, knowing that only your partner will have it. This ring will be as unique and beautiful as your relationship.

What is it like to get your engagement ring from Lee Michaels?

There are so many options of rings at Lee Michaels that you will have your head spinning. Thankfully, there is always one that catches your eye. Once you know, the team at Lee Michaels will work with you to make sure it is the perfect ring for your partner. There are a few different selections to choose from, which is a good starting point when there are seemingly endless options. The selection names are as follows: halo, solitaire, multi-tone, and vintage. Each of these has a style in and of its own. That is why it is so great to come into one of the showrooms and see for yourself. The website is a great place to start to have your head wrapped around all of the possibilities, but there is nothing like getting into the store and holding them in your hand. Once you have selected one of these styles, you can pick so many more things. Diamonds are certainly not one size fits all, so you can tweak your list and delve into your preferences until you have the right choice, with zero doubts in mind.

Making a custom ring is very special because it is a chance to pick out little parts of your relationship that you want to cherish. So many different changes in the ring can be symbols to large parts of your relationship. A vintage style can remind you of your first big trip that took you down an old memory lane. A more modern design can symbolize joint ideas and dreams. All of these things will be held within a ring that goes absolutely everywhere with your partner.
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What sets Lee Michaels in New Orleans apart from the rest?

There are many options of where to get an engagement ring in New Orleans, but your search can stop one you have found Lee Michael’s. The quality of service you will receive with the team in New Orleans is top notch. They know absolutely everything there is to know about engagement rings and are ready to spend quality time helping you make this decision.

A piece of the puzzle that sets Lee Michaels apart is their Extraordinary Experience Guarantee. This is for you whether you are walking through their doors or taking advantage of their online ordering capabilities. They are always thinking about what you will need before you even realize you need it. That means that all of your information will be secure throughout the entire process and there will be a helping hand ready at any time you need one. There is a return and refund policy that stands up to the great name in customer service as well. Everyone is ready to make sure that your decision is the best one, even if there needs to be tweaks along the way. If you take your diamond in to be inspected and serviced when necessary, you will have a guarantee on your diamond that means it is able to be replaced if it falls off of its mount or some other mishap happens. This continued service is rare in the jewelry industry and really makes Lee Michaels stand apart. Lee Michaels buys the diamonds for their engagement rings directly from the diamond cutters, so you know the price point is the absolute best it is going to be. There is a thirty day return policy that is available. There is also a complimentary, lifetime cleaning policy, which means that your ring will be shining bright for as long as your beautiful relationship.