Lee Michaels Custom Jewelry

Custom Jewelry: Turning Something Old Into Something New

At Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry, we strongly believe that jewelry is meant to be worn. If you have or find pieces that you haven’t touched in years or come into family heirlooms that have no practical or personal place in your life, renew their glory by transforming them into custom pieces you can’t wait to wear.

Since not all heirlooms are created equally, it’s important to have them appraised and evaluated by a certified gemologist. We can identify the metals, gems, and value of each piece so you can make an informed decision on how to make the most of it. Our stores also offer extensive care and repair services to clean, polish, and restore timeless styles to their former glory.

The beautiful thing about creating custom jewelry out of unworn pieces is that you aren’t tied to any set design. Rings can be made into necklaces, earrings into charms, pendants into rings. Think about how you would most likely wear the pieces, what you’d like them to signify, and then use that as the basis for potential designs.

Our experienced custom designers are excited and equipped to help you realize your vision. We have created many a gorgeous wedding band from heirloom jewelry; We’re not sure there is a better a symbol of love and unity than the artful merging of generations and families into a single, harmonious design.

Breathing new life into old jewelry preserves their sentimental (and intrinsic) value, while the updated style makes them the go-to pieces they were meant to be. Wear them with pride and with love, because that’s exactly how they were made.