Fall 2017 Jewelry Trends

Fall 2017 Jewelry Trends You Want To Be Seen Wearing

The catwalks of New York and Paris never fail to inspire us to dream big and accessorize boldly, and this year was no exception. Here are our five favorite emerging jewelry trends for Fall/Winter 2017-2018, and the designers we’re keeping close tabs on.

Chandelier earrings

These John Hardy Black Sapphire Chandelier Earrings capture the glamor displayed on the catwalks during Paris Fashion Week, where they were all the rage with tomorrow’s designers. Stunning with a pixie cut or an updo, the shine and drape of chandeliers is the essence of elegance, accentuating both the neckline and the jawline as they sway with your every movement.

Upcycled and otherworldly

In the lighthearted and whimsical spirit of the 90s, the Paris event also saw designers incorporate found materials into their pieces. Porcelain, shells, and aluminum went from commonplace to couture in quick fashion. Get the look with the Evocateur Alamo Map Cuff, which looks like an upcycled map dipped in gold for a look that is truly legendary.

So long symmetry

Another trend we didn’t see coming—and one we don’t see leaving anytime soon—is the innovative concept of wearing two completely different earrings, metals, and materials. This look tosses out the rulebook, so anything goes; we do like the asymmetrical look of hearing high-volume gem studs in one ear and an eye-catching chandelier or hoop on the other. Try a line of Penny Greville Diamond Stud Earrings on one ear with a Konstantino Black Diamond Drop Earring on the other.

Get graphic

Tory Burch continues to make bold waves across timelines, and pieces like her Sawyer Timepiece are no exception. She continues to merge bold pieces with a modern call to action, and you can expect her pieces to draw plenty of attention to themselves and the wearer for Fall 2017. Her line of crystal-embellished cluster earrings was a Paris Fashion Week showstopper.

Add to your personal mystery
Everyone has a story, and how you choose to embellish it is up to you. The Fall/Winter 2017-2018 season invites you to add a little mystery to your repertoire; the catwalks at Paris Fashion Week glittered with nods to the ancient pyramids, the Illuminati, and secret symbols with their own significance. Glimpse a faint clue in this Victorian Black Enamel & Gold Bangle, and add a little intrigue to your jewelry this season.

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Designer Profile: Konstantino

Inspired by Greek history and mythology, Konstantino Sioulas takes “classically trained” to an entirely new level. The pieces embody the artisanship of the timeless past, paying a striking homage to magnificence and elegance while creating pieces that are both ethereal and captured. Every Konstantino piece is individually crafted in Athens from sterling silver and 18-karat gold, and the designer’s creative genius is palpable its many splendid details. Konstantino jewelry doesn’t accessorize; Konstantino jewelry adorns.