Get Your Wedding Band at Lee Michaels

All of the little pieces that come together before a wedding are some of the most exciting times in a relationship. Having the perfect wedding band is something that will excite you and your spouse for the rest of your lives. Heading to Lee Michaels will be a great stop to make sure you find the one of your dreams.

What type of wedding bands are there at Lee Michaels?

The styles of wedding bands are as varied as the relationships that they signify. When you come into the Lee Michaels gallery, you will come across many classic bands, with silver, gold, and diamonds, but also new exciting styles such as cobalt and tungsten. Each one has a unique style that will have many of your friends admiring your band for decades to come.

History of wedding rings and how Lee Michaels will help you be a part of it

The act of looking to someones hand to see if they are married is common. The ritual of wearing a ring to signify your marriage is practiced across many different cultures all around the world. The very start of this was in Egypt, though Greece and Rome continued to raise the popularity of the practice. Ancient Egyptians chose the fourth finger, know almost exclusively known as the ring finger, because there was a vein that ran through it that went straight to the heart. The vein is called the “Vena amoris”, translated into the “vein of love”. This direct connection was and is a beautiful symbol of the connectedness of a relationship you are entering when you join hands in marriage. When Greece and Rome made it a custom practice, it quickly spread to being common throughout all of early Christendom. While the practices within wearing wedding bands varies greatly, them being forged of a precious metal is the most frequent consistent trait. Noble metals were chosen because they intended to represent how permanent marriage was. When the use of wedding bands made it over the sea to the United States, it was custom for only the wife to wear a band. Into the 20th century, husbands wore them more and more. Now, this is a very standard practice. You will see varied rings of both masculine and feminine styles in large numbers so you can find the perfect ring for you and your partner.

Lee Michaels presents their selection of wedding bands as the love you wear everywhere. Historically, it was seen as unlucky to take your wedding band off after your marriage ceremony. While that has changed to some extent, with many people to protect their rings by taking them off and putting them in a safe place while they are doing certain activities, these rings are certainly worn very frequently. With normal all day and night wear, it is common that your finger will have an indent in it even when you remove the ring for a short period of time. It is a beautiful sign, showing that the representation of your marriage will never go away.

All of this is to say that your ring will certainly become an exciting, special everyday part of your life. The decision of which to get is important. Thankfully, Lee Michaels is the perfect spot to find exactly what you and your partner are looking for.

If you want to order a ring online, it is easy to browse through different styles. It is easy to hop onto the website and allow yourself to be taken away in excitement over really going forward in life with one of these accompanying you all of the time. Once you have chosen the perfect lifelong ring, you can get free standard shipping right to your front door. If going into the gallery and admiring them in real time is more your style, there are a many Lee Michaels stores across the south, with various locations throughout Louisiana and Texas and even one in Jackson, Mississippi.