Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry Shreveport, Louisiana has an Impressive Assortment of Rolex Watches

Rolex did not become the leader of crafting luxurious watches overnight – their reputation was earned through continual delivery of the finest product in the market. Rolex set the standard for luxury wristwatches starting in 1905 by London watchmakers. From here, Rolex would continue to innovate and reimagine the concept of timepieces. In 1926, Rolex raised the bar by introducing the first waterproof watch. Then, in 1931 they introduced the first self-winding mechanism. Along every step of the way, Rolex has been enhancing the value of their product through increased durability and functionality. Today, Rolex is at the apex of their industry because each watch is uniquely designed and developed, turning the finest materials into a piece of art. At Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry, we have an array of these remarkable timepieces available under our Lee Michaels guarantee of authenticity and quality. There is no better place to join the history of excellence that is Rolex than at Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry.


Find an Authorized Rolex Retailer in Shreveport at Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry

If you’re looking for a premier Rolex retailer in Shreveport, Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry is ready to serve you. Located at 6605 Youree Drive Shreveport, LA. 71105, our local jewelry store provides an impressive variety of Rolex timepieces. Our customers are treated with the utmost care, defined by the personalized experience they receive from our professional sales associates. Picking out a Rolex watch is no small task, and we make sure that you leave with the perfect timepiece to match your preferences and style. Whether you are looking for a professional or classic model, Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry will be able to satisfy for your needs. Our selection of men and women’s styles, including the Oyster Perpetual, Cosmograph Daytona, and Yacht-Master, among others, will truly amaze you. At Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry, we will assist you in choosing the Rolex wristwatch in Shreveport that you’ve always dreamed of owning.


Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry is Dedicated to Delivering an Extraordinary Experience

Providing an Extraordinary Experience to the customer is the central mission of Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry. Our passion for the customer’s satisfaction is evident from the moment you step inside the store. The Extraordinary Experience combined with our expertise and beautiful collection of watches makes Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry your number one option for purchasing a Rolex. What’s more, if your Rolex watch needs any maintenance or repair, our skilled technicians will work to return it to its naturally pristine condition using the latest testing and diagnostic equipment. This is all part of the Lee Michaels mission of giving our customers a truly Extraordinary Experience.

Through the process of both selection and service, Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry welcomes you to contact us on our online form or come in for a visit.

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