Legacy Jewelry: The 5 Pieces of Jewelry That Never Go Out of Style

Legacy Jewelry: The 5 Pieces of Jewelry That Never Go Out of Style

It’s hard to write a legacy list without a little hesitation. Some of you may need to expand this list. Others may swear by only one or two pieces. Regardless, we’re certain you’ll find your favorite jewelry on this list. They are iconic for a reason; they stand the test of time, trend, and generation, and will likely be your go-to accessories for years and occasions to come.

Diamond Studs

No one likes a naked ear, and nothing dresses up the simplest of occasions like the classic diamond stud. Start with 1/2 Carat Diamond Stud Earrings and add larger diamonds as life and budget allow. Smaller diamonds dress up even a casual outfit without trying, adding an element of luxury to your errands and work week.

The Hoop Earring

Sometimes your diamond studs don’t cut it, like when you finally put your hair in an updo, or you want to show off a nice neckline. And that’s where a pretty hoop comes in. Whether you choose between a Diamond Yellow Gold Hoop or something along the lines of the John Hardy Black Sapphire Hoop, you’ll find a way to display your timeless style.

Pearl Earrings

There’s a reason so many of our timeless pieces are earrings; they look like they are a purposeful accessory regardless of the color of your outfit, your neckline, your hairstyle, or the time of day. The same can be said about the Mikimoto Pearl Stud Earring; worn with anything, it adds an elegance not often achieved by diamond studs or signature drop earrings. They may not be an everyday wear, but when they are worn, you’ll feel anything but commonplace.

The Signature Necklace

This one is highly personal, but what defines the signature necklace is universal; it’s the necklace you almost feel naked without. It could raise your confidence like the Diamond Open Square Necklace or put your faith back into the world like the Diamond Cross. This is the necklace you’ve worn, repaired, cleaned, and loved for years, and the one your daughters will remember you by when it’s their turn to wear it.

The Cuff Bracelet

Dainty or bold, the cuff bracelet is a trendy new addition to the forever staples list, mostly because it’s something you’re going to want to have handy to mark those big occasions. Signature cuffs and statement bracelets let you wear your heart very close to your sleeve; it’s worth it to spend more money on this piece as it will be the center of attention no matter how often you wear it.

Which pieces of yours are on this list? If you don’t have any, get started on crafting your wishlist here.