Life After Wedding Bands: Why You Should Celebrate Milestones With Jewelry

Milestone GiftsFirst comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a baby in a baby carriage. And a mortgage, a job promotion, another baby, a 10th anniversary, and a vacation timeshare. Life is full of milestones small and large. You started off with wedding rings, but how do you commemorate everything else?

You’ll say pictures, and you wouldn’t be wrong—but when was the last time you looked through your photo library? Have you printed and framed your favorite moments? Do you get to see them as often as you like?

We get it.

The point is, life happens quickly, even when you are paying attention and even when you capture it high-definition pixels. Life’s beautiful, often subtle, milestones can’t often be captured on film. The way you felt when you saw her holding your first born. The way she looked at you when you crossed the threshold of your first home. The way you frantically arranged your 10th anniversary to get a much-needed weekend away for just the two of you.

We may be one of the finest jewelers in Louisiana and perhaps biased, but there’s a reason we believe in jewelry as the best accessory to life. Birthstones, anniversary bands, stackable rings, celebratory diamond studs, and customized jewelry created from heirloom diamonds and metals—these are all ways to celebrate life’s moments in the moment, and for several moments afterward.

Your life together started with a proposal, and we propose you do it again at every opportunity. Commemorate your time with additional pieces that can be worn by each of you and passed on when the time, and the pieces, fit. Incorporate your children’s birthstones into your wedding bands. Let their names land beautifully around her neck. Celebrate your anniversaries like the profound and momentous achievements they are.

We’ve been in this business a long time, and while we are experts in the design and care of fine jewelry, our real passion is people. We’ve settled the nerves of young men. We’ve celebrated the style of new brides. We’ve congratulated new mothers and new grandparents. We’ve sent new graduates off with well wishes and charm bracelets.

We know better than most that the best of life’s moments sparkle and shine, and so should the way you remember them.


Featured Designer: Freida Rothman

Based in Brooklyn with worldwide appeal, Freida Rothman has established herself as a lifestyle brand. Eloquently layered necklaces, cohesively stacked rings, and coordinating bracelets have become synonymous with the Freida Rothman collection, along with her use of matte finishing and two-tone metal designs. Her style is both surprising and warmly welcome, like the captivating visitor we never expected but can’t wait to talk to.