Lee Michaels Mother's Day Gifts

The Mother’s Day Gift That Goes With Everything

If you’re reading this blog, it’s because you’re frantically searching for “no-fail Mother’s Day gifts” or “best Mother’s Day gifts” or “last-minute Mother’s Day gifts.” Chances are higher that you are the partner-in-crime in this scenario, the Dad in the duo, and you are trying to come up with something special that reflects not just what she means to you, but also what she’s meant to your life and every life she’s helped create.

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Custom Engagement Ring and Jewelry

Custom Engagement Rings & Jewelry

Lee Michaels Custom Design Studio

Here at Lee Michaels, we pride ourselves on carrying fine jewelry that expresses your personality, passions and lifestyle. We also know that sometimes, a custom designed jewelry piece is what you want. Just as a tailor creates a custom suit, we can create a custom piece of jewelry that reflects your vision and budget.

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Konstantino Designer Jewelry

The Designer Jewelry of Konstantino Sioulas

By Karen B. Gibbs

Konstantino Designer Jewelry

The exquisitely detailed jewelry of Konstantino Sioulas has soul—soul that is deeply grounded in the antiquity, culture and landscape of his beloved homeland, Greece. Whether it’s his “Black Diamond Ring” or his “Mother of Pearl Black and Onyx Bracelet,” each Konstantino piece features his signature hand-designed engraving and embellishments. “I am obsessed with detail and perfection in my work,” says Konstantino. “When you love something you’d better love it completely, inside and out.” Click here to see more Konstantino Designer Jewelry 

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Custom Engagement Ring and Jewelry

Custom Engagement Ring & Jewelry Design

Lee Michaels Custom Design Studio

Here at Lee Michaels, we pride ourselves on carrying fine jewelry that expresses your personality, passions and lifestyle. We also know that sometimes, a custom engagement ring or other custom-designed piece is what you want. Just as a tailor creates a custom suit, we can create a custom piece of jewelry that reflects your vision and budget. 

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Engagement Ring Baton Rouge - Lee Michaels

Find Beautiful Engagement Rings in Baton Rouge

Each detail put into the planning of your wedding is uniquely special. From the flowers you choose to the dress you wear, your wedding reflects your personal style and taste everywhere you look. One of the most important pieces in a wedding is, of course, the wedding ring. Your wedding ring is a symbol of your one-of-a-kind bondage with your significant other, and also reflects your personal flair and style. If you are searching for exquisite engagement rings in Baton Rouge, look no further than the outstanding selection at Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry. Here at Lee Michaels in Baton Rouge, we offer exquisite engagement rings that beautifully symbolize the commitment and love you share with your significant other. We offer superior craftsmanship, ensuring that our valued customers get the absolute best in service, value, and selection. Come shop our eye-catching engagement rings at one of our two convenient locations, the Bocage and the Mall of Louisiana in Baton Rouge today at Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry.

Finding the Perfect Ring to Propose Your Engagement

Finding the diamond engagement ring in Baton Rouge that you know is just right may seem overwhelming at first. When you are on the hunt for that one special diamond, it is crucial that you remember the five C’s. What are the five C’s, you may ask? The five C’s are:

  • Color
  • Cut
  • Clarity
  • Carat
  • Confidence

Diamond Engagement Rings in Baton Rouge

All of Lee Michael’s diamonds are color graded using the Gemological Institute of America’s (GIA) color-grading scale, which is the accepted scale in the industry. Diamonds are color graded from the side and top of the stone, and the grading scale begins at D, meaning colorless, and continues through Z, with an increasing presence of color. Cut refers to the diamond’s artistry, and is the most critical of the C’s because a significant amount of the diamond’s value depends on the diamond cutter’s craftsmanship. Clarity refers to the unique characteristics of a diamond, with clarity grades ranging from flawless (FL) to imperfect (I). Carat refers to how precious gems are weighed. Diamonds are weighed only when they are loose or free from any mounting. The final C, Confidence, refers to the assurance you feel when you have selected your diamond from one of the most reputable and trusted names in the industry, Lee Michaels. Come shop in store today or browse through our engagement rings online, where you can shop by price or make an appointment to see more today. Don’t let the price stop you from getting that diamond ring of your dreams, either; we offer excellent financing options to make your engagement ring dreams come true.

Talk To One Of Our  Highly Trained Jewelry Professionals

Not only do we offer beautiful engagement rings here at Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry, we provide years of experience and customized care to individual needs. We value every one of our customers, and recognize that our customers are our company’s greatest and most valuable asset. Since Lee and Brenda Berg first opened the original Baton Rouge store back in 1978, we have been proudly demonstrating to the community our dedication to the highest quality selection and customer service. Instead of customers, we think of each person that enters our store as a friend. With this mindset, we are able to provide incredible personal attention and professional wisdom, adding to the exceptional experience we hope each one of our customers experiences here at Lee Michaels in Baton Rouge.

Come to Lee Michaels in Baton Rouge

Pick Your Engagement Ring at Lee Michaels

Popping the big question to the love of your life is a big commitment, and finding the perfect ring to show your love is not always an easy feat. Luckily, our beautiful engagement ring selection and expert staff are here to help make your special moment that much easier. Our passion statement here at Lee Michaels is “To deliver the Lee Michaels Extraordinary Experience.” Come see what that experience is all about in Baton Rouge and find your perfect engagement ring at Lee Michaels at one of our two great locations: in Bocage and at the Mall of Louisiana.

Rolex in Baton Rouge - Lee Michaels

Discover Rolex Luxury at Lee Michaels in Baton Rouge

The Rolex brand has gained global notoriety for its incomparable beauty and incredible craftsmanship. The quality of Rolex products is simply unparalleled, and it has the power to make any wrist shine with unique luxurious style. For over 35 years, Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry has provided a variety of special Rolex products that will inspire awe.

An Impressive Selection of Rolex Watches

Lee Michaels has one of the largest selections of Rolex timepieces in the South and has the right Rolex watch for you, whether you’re looking to make an addition to your own collection of timepieces or give someone the gift of a lifetime. Nothing stands out quite like a Rolex watch, and this luxury item makes for a treasure to pass on for generations. What’s more, its imaginative design will never cease to impress, as the Rolex is truly the magnum opus of timepieces. If you are looking for Rolex watches in Baton Rouge, Lee Michaels should be your first visit.

Beautiful Rolex Watches in Baton Rouge

We Are Dedicated to Giving You an Extraordinary Experience

There are a variety of reasons why purchasing a Rolex watch is best done from Lee Michaels Fine jewelry in Baton Rouge, beginning with our commitment to a set of core values that ensures the customer receives the best value, service, and selection.  Lee Michaels employs trained jewelry professionals, with each member of our consultant team being educated through the Gemological Institute of America and holding an Accredited Jewelry Professional certification. Furthermore, many of our consultants have gone on to earn the title of Registered Jeweler and Graduate Gemologist. These qualifications add up to contribute to the overall “Extraordinary Experience” that we are so dedicated to delivering to our customers. Through guaranteeing the best values every day and offering jewelry and timepieces of the highest of quality, Lee Michaels delivers the Extraordinary Experience we aim to provide.

Let Us Service your Fine Timepieces and Jewelry

At Lee Michaels, our on-staff jewelers provide complimentary jewelry cleaning and inspection, and our watchmakers can repair your timepieces. You can have your watch exterior and bracelet cleaned and inspected, as well. In addition, with most new watch purchases, Lee Michaels will add an extra year of warranty on your product at no charge. Our trained watchmakers follow each timepiece manufacturer’s recommendations for cleaning, maintenance. Be it battery service, stem and crown repair, movement service, or bracelet and strap replacement, Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry delivers expert service to certify your timepiece receives the best treatment.

Rolex Timepieces at Lee Micahels in Baton Rouge

There is no Better Place to Buy Rolex Watches in Baton Rouge than Lee Michaels

Buying a Rolex watch is a big decision, so having the help of Lee Michaels’ trained staff can be a great help to guarantee you get the timepiece you want at a great price. We have two Baton Rouge locations, one in the Mall of Louisiana and another at 7560 Corporate Blvd Baton Rouge, LA 70809. These stores can be reached at (225) 766-6000 or (225) 926-4644, respectively. We look forward to providing you with an extraordinary customer experience!