Eye-Catching Rolex Watches at Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry

There is nothing else quite like the first time you get your hands on a Rolex watch. The craftsmanship is world class and the attention to detail is beyond anything else you have ever seen before. Come into Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry today to see our great selection of Rolex watches.

Rolex watches from Lee Michaels

Why are Rolex watches so well respected?

The name Rolex is one known wide and far across the world and this is not simply by chance. The precision craftsmanship tailored to each timepiece sets them apart. Even beyond the looks, the even weight and comfortable feel of a watch is something that the engineers spend tons of time on. This will be noticed right off the bat, even if it is subconsciously. This can be so well done because of the same reason their design is so top notch – they are pioneers in the world of watch engineering. All of the gold alloys are cast in house, which are usually the details that first catch a customers eye. Every aspect, from design and crafting to assembly is done in house.

It is no surprise with such precision to detail and craftsmanship that Rolex has over four hundred patents in regards to its watches. They technology behind each and every piece is long thought out and ensured to be the best of its kind. There are over six thousand employees in their various Swiss offices and building sites. The words that come to mind with each turn are “cutting edge”.

The history of Rolex watches

Rolex watches not only make people stop and stare because of their looks, but will quiet people with its history as well. Hans Wilsdorf founded the company in 1905, wanting to believe that it was possible to make wristwatches, not very common, stylish, or reliable in the time. To ensure confidence from his local London buyers, he had each part manufactured in Switzerland – the worldwide leader in precision, then and now. Beautiful Rolex Watches in Baton Rouge

It took five years of trying and testing new techniques, but by 1910 a Rolex timepiece had been awarded the Swiss Certificate of Chronometric Precision, which was the first award ever to be given to a watch worn on the wrist. The next exciting award came a few years later when it landed the Class A precision certificate from Kew Observatory in Great Britain. This award was unique because until that time, it had only ever been given to marine chronometers.

Technology continued to improve when the watches headquarters moved to Geneva. Shortly after, the first waterproof and dustproof watch was created. You know how important these features are on any gear you decide to purchase today. Back then, it was simply astounding and really brought Rolex into high fame. An English swimmer swam with her Rolex across the English channel, making it known far and wide that the watches lived up to the test. These ventures have continued through the company’s history, with a Rolex watch also accompanying James Cameron into the Mariana Trench during the first solo dive into the deepest point on Earth. On the other side of extreme sports, Rolex is also known as the official timepiece of Formula 1 racing – a sport that takes its time extremely seriously. The two companies have a long term partnership in place with Rolex being both the official timekeeper and the official timepiece of the sport.

Rolex Watches- A League of Their Own

It is without question how impressive these watches are. While it may make it seem like the chance to get your hands on one is beyond you, that is not the case. All you need to do is come into Lee Michaels and start trying out different watches to see which best fits your lifestyle. Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry is in the worldwide network of official Rolex jewelers, so each staff member will be able to answer your questions, teach you good maintenance and even make repairs to your watch if need be once you have purchased it.