Hints For Picking Out The Perfect Engagement Ring

She Dropped The Hints. Now Take These Steps.

“Will you marry me?”

It’s the sort of question you should already know the answer to, but still get a little nervous thinking about. Rather than focus on “what if she says no,” turn your attention to making sure both she (and you) are ready to make the big step in your relationship. If all signs point to yes, then chances are, her answer will be, too. Here are three tips to get you started with those hints she’s been dropping. Of course, the actual act of proposing can be one of the most beautiful—and stressful—moments to plan. While you take care of the personal details, we’re happy to help you pick out the perfect engagement ring.

  1. Pick up what she’s laying down.
    Chances are, she’s been giving you plenty of hints about what she likes and what she doesn’t. Tune in and take note whenever the following situations happen:

    • She notices another woman’s wedding band and states an opinion, especially if she really likes (or doesn’t like) it.
    • You walk past a jewelry display and something catches her eye. (Note, you may want to “accidentally” do this more often to encourage this type of assessment).
    • She wears jewelry. Note what she wears and when she wears it, the colors she prefers, the occasion, and how she buys it for herself.
  1. Size her up.
    If she wears rings regularly, you can get her ring size from her existing collection. Here are a few ways you can do it without coming straight out and asking her.

    • Find a ring she wears and trace the inside onto a piece of paper.
    • Slip one of her rings on your finger and note how far you can slide it down (use a pen if you think you’ll forget).
    • Press one of her rings into a bar of soap to make an impression.
  1. Go to a Lee Michaels store.
    It’s entirely possible that you can know everything about your future bride EXCEPT her ring size and engagement ring style. That’s perfectly okay. The goal of this visit is to determine your budget and explore some of the available styles as ones you can see her wearing. Our experts behind the jewelry case know which questions to ask to make sure you pick out just the right one. Things like:

    • How active is she (i.e., how often will she need to take it on and off, does she need something lower profile for work, etc.)?
    • What kinds of jewelry does she usually wear?
    • Does she like gold? Platinum?
    • Is she traditional (diamond) or sentimental or both?
    • What would you like the ring to mean to you?

You’ll feel the need to get everything right, and that’s perfectly normal; it’s also perfectly normal for everything to go wrong and you still traipse down the aisle toward your happily ever after. Focus on how you feel, who she is, and what she means to you, and you’ll end up exactly where you should be, saying words you mean to partner you intend to love for life.