Beyond The Diamond Engagement Ring

These 5 Engagement Rings Think Outside The Diamond

Contrary to popular opinion (and hundreds of years of tradition), engagement rings don’t have to be a diamond solitaire. These five rings prove if beauty is in the eye of the beholder, love is in the ring of the betrothed—no matter what stone takes center stage.

Be brilliantly different.

This Blue Topaz & Diamond Ring is a fine example of diamonds that take a back seat to a brightly hued stone. Gorgeously affordable, some people believe blue topaz is the stone of peacefulness, articulation, communication, and learning—all traits that will serve you well as you begin this next adventure with the one you love.

Blue Topaz and Diamond Engagement Ring

See red.

Rubies have long been considered a talisman of protection, passion, and prosperity. One of the four gemstones considered “precious” (along with diamonds, emeralds, and sapphires), rubies have played a role in with love stories for centuries, so having this Ruby & Diamond Ring adorn your finger isn’t much of a stretch.

Ruby and Diamond Engagement Ring

Make sure your “something blue” is always close at hand.

Kate Middleton captured the hearts of trendsetters when she donned on her sapphire ring, and this Oval Sapphire & Diamond Ring will turn a few heads of its own. Bright and full of its sparkle, this is the ring that dared to state its vows on its own terms.

Oval Sapphire Diamond Engagement Ring

Think green.

Or purple. Or pink. Or yellow. If there is a color that strikes a chord with you personally, why not add it to the one accessory you never want to take off? Rings that showcase around gemstones, like the way the diamonds wreathe the emerald in this Emerald and Diamond Ring, inject personality and a bit of fun into the traditional setting.

Emerald and Diamond Engagement Ring

Wrap the world around your finger.

If he’s willing to give you the world, this Aquamarine & Diamond Ring is a beautiful testament of his love. Aquamarine has a marvelous, almost elvish, quality about it; its soft, swept, sky blue is both whimsical and current, and it will remain stylish for years to come.

Aquamarine and Diamond Engagement Ring

Not every stone is suitable for a wedding ring, however. “Turquoise, opal or pearls are beautiful, but they are very soft stones and would not be ideal for everyday wear,” said Sarah Tranchina, Digital Marketing and Coop Coordinator for Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry. “Sapphires, rubies, emerald, topaz, garnet and aquamarine will stand the test of time.”

Give us your take. Are you an always-diamond bride or will you traipse your way down the aisle with another stone?