Today Marks 40 Years in Business!

Dear Friends,

Forty Years Today, October 16, 2018! It seems like only yesterday Brenda and I were moving to Baton Rouge to open our first store in Cortana Mall. It was ALL about teamwork. Long hours in the store for me while Brenda worked at home, doing payroll and raising our sons. I took a deep breath and here we are now with nine stores and one hundred fifty employees. What a journey it’s been!

In the very beginning, we never anticipated such remarkable growth. Our dream was to make one store a success. We operated by a simple creed: To supply the very best jewelry, provide excellent service and give our customers great values. It was the only way we felt comfortable doing business.

We still live by this creed, and so do all the remarkable people who make up the Lee Michaels family. It’s what inspires our dedication, fuels our enthusiasm and drives us to go above and beyond for our clients. And it’s why our clients, in turn, make Lee Michaels their first choice when celebrating life’s memorable events.

As I hand off some of the day-to-day operations of the business, I take tremendous pleasure and joy serving as advisor to my three sons and watching as they build on the foundation Brenda and I created. With my three sons—Ryan, Scott and Chad—and the rest of the executive team leading the way, I am confident that Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry will continue to prosper. Grounded in the values of yesterday, we will soar toward the promise of tomorrow.


With great appreciation for a wonderful 40 years,



             Lee Michael Berg and Brenda Berg